Web Services and Data

Verdiep je in de technologie achter Web Services en hoe data daar een ‘grote’ rol in speelt

Intelligente systemen op het web

Bestudeer bij de minor Web Services and Data hoe je slim het web kunt onderzoeken en hoe intelligente systemen op het web werken.

Service Science
Service science is organized in two tracks: (i) a business track and
(ii) an IT track. The business track provides the students with the
knowledge of different interpretations of ‘service’ and economic
importance of services, strategic issues related to services as well as
approaches to develop services. The IT track deals with a model-based
approach to develop services, as well as service oriented IT
development. Special emphasis is given to bridge the gap between
business and IT. The students participate in small teams to develop and
understand a service from both perspectives. In addition, experts from
academia and industry are invited to give guest lectures.

Strategic Management of Technology and Innovation
This course focuses on the strategic management of technology and
innovation. Innovation refers to the development and implementation of
new products, services, processes and business models and many of those
innovations are enabled by technological developments. Innovation is
crucial for business organizations to stay competitive in ever changing
markets. In this course, students learn to understand and apply basic
theories behind the processes of technology-based innovation within
organizations and their environments, the development of innovation
strategies, and the organizational implementation of innovation
strategies. Theoretical understanding is applied in a simulation game
and real life cases focusing on managerial dilemmas in the management of

Data Analytics and Privacy
In the field of business analytics and data science the opportunities
seem endless. Perfect enforcement of norms, excellent personally
targetted advises and advertments. Outcomes of data analytics can even
preceed what's on a man's mind: the cab arrives at the moment you did
not even know yet you needed it, the packages are already posted before
you ordered them, or the criminal behavior is predicted before it takes
place. This course obviously is not about the possibilities, but about
the limits we as a society want to put on those possibillities. The
legal and ethical standards for this area have not yet been
crystallized, but in general fundamental rights and ethical principles
are well known. This course also explores the boundaries between legal
admissibility and ethical responsibility.

Information Retrieval
This course covers the core aspects of information retrieval and search
engines, including indexing, Boolean retrieval, the different types of
queries, query execution, the vector space model, web crawling,
networks, link analysis, PageRank, classification, and clustering.

Data Wrangling
Data wrangling is the process of gathering data in its raw form and
molding it into a form that is suitable for its end use. This course is
about how to gather the data that is available and produce an output
that is ready to be used. There are a number of common steps in the data
wrangling process that will be discussed: acquiring, cleaning, shaping
and structuring the data, as well as feature engineering and

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Deze minor is toegankelijk voor bachelorstudenten Computer Science; Information Science en Artificial Intelligence.

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Samenvatting Web Services and Data




1 semester (30 EC)


1 september


Informatica, Wiskunde en Bedrijf