Topics in biomedical sciences

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Theory and practice

In this minor four topics in biomedical sciences are being discussed. In addition there is an open slot in January to give you the opportunity to choose another course of your own interest. Some courses will go into greater depth in certain topics (Biochemistry of Health and Disease, Molecular Principles of Brain Disorders) and Innovative Cell Biology and Immunology will show you, hands on, how immunological research is performed and interpreted. The course Antimicrobial Compounds: From Clinical Use to Target Analysis and Drug Development will show you how interdisciplinary research may disclose new drug targets and lead to drugs for clinical use. The minor is advanced and interdisciplinary and is a good preparation for various master programs.


  • Antimicrobials compounds
  • Biochemistry of Health and Disease
  • Innovative Cell Biology and Immunology
  • Molecular Principles of Brain Disorders
  • Optional course (period 3)
In period 3, the minor can be completed by choosing a course that is part of another science minor for which you fulfill the requirements for admission (consult the TER of your study programme). Any other choice for a course in period 3 requires approval of the Examination Board and results in the annotation "Vrije Minor" on your diploma, instead of the annotation "Minor Topics in Biomedical Sciences".

For specific information about each course, please visit our study guide.

Admission and registration

The minor is open to students Biology, students Biomedical Sciences and students Health and Life Sciences (“Gezondheid en Leven”) with a major in Biomedical Sciences or Clinical Sciences from the Vrije Universiteit. Students from other universities and doing a similar education are also invited to participate.

This minor has a maximum of 80 participants on basis of first come first serve. This maximum is based on the maximum size of several courses within this minor. In order to take the minor, please sign in for the minor before 1 July. As soon as the registration period opens, you need to register for the courses in the minor. Participation in the minor is assured only after successful registration for all courses.

Please see the application procedure for more details.

Questions about the programme

If you have detailed questions about the contents of the programme, please contact Mathijs Bergman

Samenvatting Topics in biomedical sciences




1 semester (30 EC)


1 September


Gezondheid en Beweging