Political Science

Study power and politics in a rapidly changing world

Political Science

Why are some states more influential than others? What is the influence of globalization on inequality and sustainability? Why are European citizens pushing back against European integration? In the minor Political Science you learn how power works with regards to important political issues and dilemmas at the local, national, and global level. You will approach questions of war and peace, migration, violent extremism, climate change, and the financial crisis from different theoretical angles. You will learn why some actors are more powerful than others and why patterns of conflict and cooperation between states occur.
  • State, Power and Conflict 
  • Comparative Political Research 
  • Global Political Economy 
  • EU Governance in an International 
  • Research Project Political Science

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The minor in Political Science is open to students from all majors and universities who want to familiarize themselves with the study of politics.

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1 semester (30 EC)


1 september


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