Genes, brain and behavior

Integration of neuroscience, behavioral genetics, and cognitive psychology

Genes, Brain and Behavior

During this minor, you will gain comprehensive knowledge about how our genes and our brain affect our cognitive processes, health and behavior. You will learn to read and value literature on cognitive processes, neuroscience, and the genetics of disease and behavior. You will also learn to set up and perform psychophysiological and neurocognitive experiments and analyze large genetic datasets. This English minor is the choice for students who want to continue in academic science or work in a job where research skills are needed. At the end of the track Genes, Brain and Behavior, students will:

  • have acquired knowledge of the relation between genes and behavior and (psychological) disease, between cognition, brain and behavior, and autonomic nervous system and health; 
  • be acquainted with current literature on cognition, neuroscience, behavior genetics, and stress; 
  • knowledge and skills to perform simple psychophysiological and neurocognitive experiments; 
  • knowledge and skills to analyze (genetic) datasets and report on scientific findings.

Integration between disciplines
The integration between disciplines, such as neuroscience, behavioral genetics, and cognitive psychology plays a central role in this minor. Students learn to think critically about how knowledge of the human genome and the brain can be applied to deal with a large variety of fundamental and applied questions concerning human behavior.

  • Research toolbox focuses on experimental and signal analysis skills.
  • Analysis Toolbox focusses on statistical programming.
  • Cognitive Neuroscience is concerned with cognition and brain.
  • Behavior genetics is concerned with the interaction between genes and environment and its influence on behavior.
  • Psychophysiological and cognitive applications aims to teach skills for psychophysiological and cognitive research.

For more specific information about each course, please visit the study guide.

Admission and registration

This minor is open to all students Psychology and Educational Sciences. This minor is open to third year BSc students from Psychology as well as other third year BSc students with a background and interest in Neuroscience, Biomedical Sciences, Life Sciences, and Artificial Intelligence.

Please visit the application procedure for information.

Questions about the programme

If you have detailed questions about the contents of the programme, please contact Mieke Donk |

Samenvatting Genes, Brain and Behavior




1 semester (30 EC)


1 september


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