Foreign Language Learning

Learn a foreign language and increase your chances on the job market!

Foreign Language Learning

The minor Foreign Language Learning offers you the opportunity to learn new languages in one semester. The languages offered are: Spanish, Portuguese, French and Moroccan Arabic. You will get acquainted with the sounds, words and grammar of your new languages and you will learn how to put that knowledge to use in different communicative situations. The courses on Spanish, Portuguese and Moroccan Arabic start at the basic level (no prior knowledge required), but the course on French requires some prior knowledge (appr. 4 years of vwo French).

There is also the opportunity to take the course on Spanish with Dutch as the language of instruction: minor Spaanse Taal en Cultuur.

This is not a complete minor programme, but the courses will give you the opportunity to create your own minor programme, in which learning one or more new languages is the key element. We offer language courses in period 1 and 2 (level 1 in period 1 and level 2 in period 2). The language of instruction is English and these are our courses:

  • Spanish 1 and 2
  • Portuguese 1 and 2
  • French 1 and 2
  • Moroccan Arabic 1 and 2

Complete minor package (30EC)
Depending on the number of languages you choose, you will probably need some other courses to complete your minor package of 30 EC. It is completely up to you to think of combinations with courses that you find interesting or that combine well with your previous study programme or with your future goals. But to give you an idea, we have some suggestions:

  • Period 1: Introduction to Linguistics
  • Period 1: Introduction to Communication Studies
  • Period 1: Literacy Development
  • Period 2: Second Language Acquisition (entry requirement: Introduction to Linguistics)
  • Period 2: Language, Media and Communication (entry requirement: Introduction to Communication Studies)
  • Period 2: Multilingual Communication in the EU
  • Period 3: Philosophy CIS-L&S-MADA (Intercultural philosophy)

This minor is open to all Bachelor’s students in their second year or up. Students from other universities are welcome as well. As with all minor programmes, don’t forget to ask permission from your Examination Board.

VU students should register for the courses through VUnet, taking into account the regulations and deadlines for course registrations.

Student from other universities must register as a secondary subjects student (‘bijvakstudent’), including a document from their own Examination Board, stating they have permission to take these courses.

More information about Admission and Registration (Dutch: Aanmelden voor een minor).

If you have detailed questions about the contents of the programme, please contact:

Dr Petra Bos

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1 semester (30 EC)


September 1st


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