European history and culture 1200-1800

Medieval and early modern history

European history and culture

Students acquire in-depth knowledge and know-how about specific aspects of medieval and early modern history, with a focus on the Netherlands. There is also a strong focus on the History of Culture and the History of emotions.

Dutch History in European Context 1200-1800: students learn about the emergence of this fascinating territory that we now refer to as ‘The Netherlands’, from its medieval roots to the Dutch Golden age and beyond

Medieval Literature and Culture in a European Context: students get acquainted with some of the great works of literature of the medieval period)

Urban History: Bruges, Antwerp and Amsterdam: This course takes an in-depth look at the phenomenon of the medieval and early modern city is all its aspects – culture, politics, economics, etc. – and takes the case studies of three very important towns.

Dutch Literature and Culture in the Golden Age: students acquire an in-depth knowledge of the literature and culture of the Dutch Golden age – the age of Rembrandt and Vondel)

History of emotions (literature):  History of emotions is a fascinating and very popular branch of the historical profession. In two courses students are introduced to the subject.

History of emotions (research)

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Student of History or related discipline with an interest in culture.

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