Business analytics

From Analytics to Business Solution

Mathematics, informatics and logistics

To be optimally prepared for the master program Business Analytics you can choose the minor Business Analytics. This minor offers courses that deepen your understanding of the subjects mathematics, informatics and logistics.

Business Modelling and Requirements Engineering (BMRE):

This course covers the analysis of corporate quandaries, where the introduction or expansion of information systems can provide a possible solution.

Data Structures and Algorithms:

To obtain basic knowledge about data structures, algorithmic design, and worst-case time complexity.

Mathematical Optimization:

This course will make you familiar with translating practical problems in optimization models, and with solving those models. The focus on practice rather than algorithms will allow you to successfully solve the optimization problems you'll encounter in your future.

Service Logistics:

This course discusses logistic aspects of services firms and provides students with: an understanding of key concepts in managing logistics in service oriented businesses and the ability to make quantitative trade-offs in after sales service related logistics decisions.


The overall objective of the course is to expose students to a "real life" problem solving situation, where the supervisor gives no hints about suitable algorithmic approaches to solve a given problem. Students will learn to understand the problem requirements and invent or find an appropriate algorithm to solve it.

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Admission and registration

This minor is available to bachelor students of Business Analytics.

VU-students can find information on taking a minor on VUnet (log on with your VUnet-ID). More information on taking a minor at the VU for non VU-students can be found here.

Tristan Slobben

Student Business analytics

Bus. Analytics - Tristan Slobben

“The minor Business Analytics and Data Science enables you to gain more in-depth knowledge in the field of Business Analytics and it is a perfect preparation for students who want to do the master BA (or other closely related masters) as well. You will learn numerous new skills, such as analyzing and improving algorithm performances, but also the optimization of logistic services and the retrieval of valuable knowledge from large amounts of data. During the minor you will work on several projects, an unique opportunity to gain more practical expertise as well. In the first period you will obtain a strong foundation for the other courses, while in the second period you are able to make a selection of your preferred courses. In the third period you will learn even more on how to handle data efficiently.”

Questions about the programme

For more information concerning the educational program contact the study advisor. The minor is coordinated by René Swarttouw, who can be contacted through email or by telephone via: +31 20 598 7787

Samenvatting Business Analytics




1 semester (30 EC)


1 september


Informatica, Wiskunde en Bedrijf