Business administration: New ways of doing business

Focus on building, assessing, and implementing (new) business models

Core principles of management

The world is rapidly changing and traditional approaches of management are becoming obsolete. Understanding the new ways of doing business is a challenge, which confronts entrepreneurs, boards of directors, and government representatives. Private companies and public institutes need professional specialists who are able to reconcile a profound understanding of their profession with solid management know-what and know-how. Therefore, the objective of the minor Business Administration: New Ways of Doing Business is to educate you in the core principles of management with a specific focus on building, assessing, and implementing (new) business models.

Skills for the job market

If you complete the minor Business Administration: New Ways of Doing Business you will gain a competitive edge through an acquired ability to use the insights from management and organization in their own field of expertise, such as Law, Medicine, Exact and Physical Sciences, Environmental Sciences and other Social Sciences. A minor in Business Administration will also enhance your career opportunities in Management, Policy-Making and Consultancy, among others. If you are planning to pursue a MBA career after their BSc study, the minor will be helpful as well.

Real-life practice meets business theory in a highly interactive atmosphere in the Business Administration university minor. You will lay a solid foundation for your future career, and further develop your innovative thinking.

Foundations of Business Administration
Get familiar with the foundations of business administration: strategy, marketing, finance, accounting, logistics, technology, and human resource management. 

Business Professional
Familiarize yourself with different functional management jobs, including CEO, Marketing, HRM, and CTO. You will develop your soft skills, such as persuasion, negotiation, presentation, and networking. 

Business Model Innovation
Using business model thinking, combine and apply the knowledge from the above-mentioned courses to study and innovate businesses. This will give you an edge to be successful in the new era of doing business.

Business Model Assessment  
Part of doing business is being able to produce and interpret financial data. In this course, you will become familiar with finance and accounting practices, and will develop skills and insights to assess (your own or any other) business models.

Business Project
With the knowledge you acquired in this minor, design and conduct a consultancy project for a real-life organization. Last year’s organization we worked with was Total.

Across all courses, a variety of traditional and innovative teaching techniques are used to create a comprehensive learning experience. In addition to academic skills, the programme emphasizes professional skills, including creativity, communication, team work, reflexivity, and consultancy.

For specific information about each course, please check the study guide.

The minor Business Administration: New Ways of Doing Business is open to:

  • VU students
  • Students from other Dutch universities
  • exchange students

Dutch student

Admission Requirements:

  • You are a 3rd year university bachelor student
  • You have basic knowledge of math and statistics, as provided in the academic core of any academic programme at VU Amsterdam or equivalent. 


VU Amsterdam students in the BSc programmes:

  • Business Administration
  • Economics and Business Economics
  • International Business Administration


  • Registration opens 20 July
  • VU students: enroll through VUnet into all minor courses (periods 1-3).
  • Students of other Dutch Universities: please register as a secondary course student (bijvak) via

More information about this procedure can be found on this website in Dutch or in English

Please note: register as soon as possible to ensure admission!

Exchange students
Are you an exchange student or Semester in Amsterdam student? The International Office is responsible for course approval and registration. For details about course registration, requirements, credits, semesters and so on, please contact your programme.

Contact foto Business Administration

If you have detailed questions about the contents of the programme, please contact the minor coordinator:

Dr. Jingshu Du
T +31 20 5983657

Pavlos Xanthopoulos

Student Public Administration and Organizational Sciences

"The minor Business Administration offered me a profound insight in the science and art of business. I particularly appreciated the multi-disciplinary approach, entailing an integral perspective on dealing with business (model) challenges and solutions. The minor also enabled me to deepen my methodological knowledge and skills and stimulated me to apply obtained knowledge to real-life situations. The programme also offered an excellent opportunity to enhance my team skills, as students possessed different cultures and backgrounds. Taken together, the minor turned out to be a great learning experience and in hindsight I think it constitutes an important building block in my academic education."

Frans J.A.M. Greidanus

Qiushi Chair Professor, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou China

"As a guest lecturer I enjoyed the lively interaction with students of different nationalities in the course on Busisness Model Innovation. The mixture of theory and practice in the course is one of its strong points. For the students, this course will be a great asset in their future careers."

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1 semester (30 EC)


1 September


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