Applied Mathematics

Mathematics: the language of science
To be optimally prepared for the master programme in Applied Mathematics, you can choose the minor Applied Mathematics. The tracks of this minor focus on different mathematics-related areas.

The minor consists of 30 EC of courses of which there is a compulsory part of 24 EC or 18 EC, depending on your track, see the list corresponding to your track below. The remaining 6 EC or 12 EC can be chosen from the list of (bachelor Mathematics) electives below. Note that the electives include second semester courses. If you want to complete your studies within the nominal period of three years, you are advised to choose first semester courses. Also the electives include a few courses of the second year of bachelor Mathematics. Those are allowed if you have not followed them in your second year.

Overview Courses

Biomedical Mathematics track
  • Biomedical Mathematics
  • Principles of Bioinformatics
  • Project Biomedical Mathematics
and (at least) 1 out of
  • From Protein to Cell
  • Mechanics and Thermodynamics of the cell
  • Molecular Cell Biology
Computer Science track
  • Data Structures and Algorithms
  • Project Computer Assisted Proofs
and (at least) 1 out of
  • Computer Organization
  • Equational Programming
  • Pervasive Computing
Data Science track
  • Data Structures and Algorithms
  • Project Data Wrangling
and (at least) 1 out of
  • Information Retrieval
  • Data Analytics and Privacy
Econometrics track
  • Mathematical Economics 1
  • Measure Theory
  • Project Computer Assisted Proofs
semester 1: Biomedical Mathematics, Chaotic Dynamical Systems, Differential Geometry, Markov Chains, Measure Theory, Number Theory, Representation Theory, Rings and Fields;

semester 2: Applied Analysis: Financial Mathematics, Automata and Complexity, Bayesian Statistics, Complex Analysis, Functional Analysis, Galois Theory, Machine Learning, Mathematical Systems and Control Theory (given every other year, not in 2020-21), Modules and Categories, Partial Differential Equations, Topology, Statistical Data Analysis.

Admission and registration

The tracks of this minor are available to bachelor Mathematics students in the corresponding tracks.

VU-students can find information on taking a minor on VUnet  (log on with your VUnet-ID). More information on taking a minor at the VU for non VU-students can be found here.


For more information concerning the minor, contact the academic advisor Corrie Quant.

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1 semester (30 EC)

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