American Studies

Zooming in on a fascinating culture in an international classroom

American literature and history

Aimed at students with a broad interest in American history, literature, and culture, or students who wish to understand this complex country better, the minor American Studies offers an exciting mixture of courses on American literature and history. Yet it will also offer a  more interdisciplinary approach, combining various academic fields and zero in at specific regions, genres or themes in an effort to make sense of this always captivating and sometimes baffling culture.

Following the interdisciplinary core course, ‘Introduction to American Studies,’ students study courses, such as ‘American Literature: 1914-present’ ‘Social History of the United States,’ ‘American Film’ and ‘The United States South,’ each focusing on a section of American history and culture.

For specific information about each course, please visit our study guide.

Admission and registration

All VU-students and those from other universities are eligible to take this minor. We especially welcome students from different disciplinary and cultural backgrounds. 

Foreign students: see the website Semester in Amsterdam.

For information about the registration procedure, please visit the information page.

Questions about the programme

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If you have detailed questions about the contents of the programme, please contact:
Dr. Wybren Verstegen
Telephone: 020-5986355

Samenvatting American Studies




1 semester (30 EC)


1 september


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