Semester in Amsterdam

at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

The Semester in Amsterdam programme welcomes Bachelor and Master students to study in Amsterdam

Semester in Amsterdam students can study at VU Amsterdam for a semester or full academic year. The Semester in Amsterdam programme is different than exchange. Eligible students include: 

  • Students whose universities do not have an exchange partnership with VU Amsterdam, often called free movers;
  • Students who are not eligible to qualify for their university's exchange partnership with VU Amsterdam;
  • Students from providers and partner universities who have a study abroad partnership with VU Amsterdam;
  • Individuals not currently enrolled at a university but seeking academic or professional development opportunities.

Note: Semester in Amsterdam students do not complete a full degree at VU Amsterdam. As a Semester in Amsterdam student you can take courses that count towards part of a degree or prepare you for future studies, jobs, and professional development opportunities.

Semester in Amsterdam students can choose courses from different faculties or follow a minor programme. Minor programmes are only offered in the fall semester. We strongly encourage Semester in Amsterdam students to follow one of our minor programmes rather than piecing together their own schedule. These are fixed selections of five related courses. Minor programmes span the whole semester and if students decide to follow a minor then they commit to following the courses contained in the minor. Most minors are interdisciplinary and therefore open to students from all backgrounds but some minors have prerequisites and can only be found under the faculty which offers it.

There are certain advantages to choosing a Minor:

  • You gain specialized knowledge in the chosen field of study;
  • You immediately finalize your study plan, because courses within the minor never conflict in the timetable. Once you are accepted to a minor programme you are guaranteed to be able to follow all courses in that minor;
  • Minors show a focused area of study and can be listed on a CV;
  • You will follow all of the minor’s courses with the same Dutch and international students, thereby increasing the likelihood of cross-cultural contact.

The Semester in Amsterdam staff is responsible for course approval and registration. To take a minor through Semester in Amsterdam, you must apply to and take part in the complete programme. For details please visit the Semester in Amsterdam website.