Psychology and the Brain

Research and analyse human behaviour and wellbeing

Psychology and the Brain

New scientific insights into the working of our brain and the way this influences our behaviour and mental health occur almost on a weekly basis. This knowledge alters our world, influencing all aspects of our lives (not only health care but also marketing, food, economy, technology). It provides insight into the reasons people differ and helps explain group processes. Knowledge about psychology and the brain is essential for anyone who wants to understand why we behave as we do.

The minor Psychologie and the Brain introduces students to the academic fields within Psychology that study behaviour and the brain. Students are provided with a basic overview of psychology, gain knowledge about the evolutionary and biological processes that influence our behaviour and learn about the influence of genes on our behaviour and the consequences of problems in brain function. During the courses students gain also more insights into the methods used to increase our knowledge about psychology and the brain. At completion of the minor, the student has the knowledge to judge claims made within and outside the scientific community about the brain in relation to our behaviour.

The minor Psychology and the Brain consists of five courses: 

  • Introduction Psychology
  • Evolutionary Psychology
  • Biological Psychology
  • Twin studies in Psychology
  • Neuropsychology

See the study guide for more information of those courses.

The minor is of interest to students with a general interest in psychology and knowledge, who have already statistical knowledge (as offered in bachelors in social sciences, economy, exact and biomedical sciences). This minor is a university minor.

Admission requirements:

  • At least 90 EC obtained within one bachelor programme. 
  • At least 6 EC obtained in statistical courses. 

Number of participants: 

  • There is a maximum of fifty students per year, who are admitted based on the principle of first come, first serve.

See the registration procedure for more information.

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Overview Psychology and the Brain




1 Semester (30 EC)


September 1


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