A Christian Worldview?

Reformed and Evangelical Perspectives on Contemporary Challenges

A Christian Worldview? Reformed and Evangelical Perspectives on Contemporary Challenges

Everyone wears glasses. This minor will help you to understand how these glasses relate to your understanding of the world, yourself and others. Reflecting on the Christian tradition from which the VU Amsterdam originated, it might help all students to become more aware of their specific perspectives and of possible alternatives. You will also learn to reflect on the concept of ‘worldview’ and on the complexity of a religious perspective in a secular context.

  1. What is Reformed and Evangelical? Theological Traditions (Henk van den Belt and Henk Bakker)
    This course introduces the Reformed theological tradition by reading and interpreting core texts from both traditions in their historical contexts.
  2. Neocalvinism: history and impact (George Harinck)
    This course introduces the context in which the VU Amsterdam started and describes how neo-Calvinism was developed by Abraham Kuyper and Herman Bavinck including the reception of their thoughts worldwide.
  3. Burning Issues: Pentecostalization of the Evangelical and Reformed tradition (Miranda Klaver)
    This course discusses the growing influence of charismatic theology within Christianity. Practices like healing, prophecy, deliverance, contemporary worship music including the integration of media technology, will be discussed from theological and anthropological perspectives.
  4. Witnessing to the secular mind: Worldview and mission in post-War evangelical and reformed missiology (Stefan Paas)
    In this course the theme of ‘secular worldview’ will be explored, engaging with the contributions of some important Reformed and Evangelical missiologists such as Johan Herman Bavinck, Hendrik Kraemer, Lesslie Newbigin, and David Bosch.
  5. Pros and Cons of a Christian Worldview: Perspectives and Presuppositions (Henk van den Belt)
    This course critically reflects on the concept of ‘worldview’ and relates the Reformed and Evangelical traditions to the core elements of the Christian faith as expressed in the Niceno-Constantinopolitan Creed (325/381). Seven themes will be discussed: God, creation, history, redemption, the Bible, the church and the soul.

There are no conditions for admission, except an interest for the role (Christian) faith has for one’s perspective. HBO students with some knowledge of Christianity are welcome.

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For more information, please contact the coordinator of this minor:

Prof. Dr Henk van den Belt
E: h.vandenbelt@vu.nl

Overview A Christian Worldview?




1 semester (30 EC)


September 1st