Exchange students

Follow a minor programme

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam offers great minor programmes for incoming exchange students. They are specifically combined courses with excellent learning outcomes. We strongly encourage exchange students to follow one of our minor programmes rather than piecing together their own schedule. These are  fixed selections of five related courses that span the entire semester. If students decide to follow a minor, they commit to being registered for all 5 courses that are part of the minor. Most minors are Interdisciplinary and so are open to students from any background, however some minors do have prerequisites and can only be found under the faculty that offers it. These minors are only open to students who have completed the 2nd year of a relevant Bachelor programme. One big advantage of selecting a minor is that you will never have overlapping classes in your schedule. Minors do show a focused area of study, so you may also choose to list them on your CV.

Please note: all minor programmes at VU Amsterdam are offered in our first (Fall) semester during the academic year which runs from September – January. It is not possible to follow a minor during our second semester. Students who come in our second (Spring) semester can select courses from the exchange study guide instead.