Admission and registration

How to apply

I am a VU Am­s­ter­dam stu­dent

VU Amsterdam students can find more information about registering for a secondary course or a minor on VUnet (use your VUnet-id).

I am not a VU Am­s­ter­dam stu­dent

If you wish to enrol as a secondary course student or to follow a minor at VU Amsterdam, then you must apply in VUnet. When doing so, you should not enrol for a complete study programme (for which you would need to apply via Studielink), but only for one or more courses at VU Amsterdam.

  1. Please check the admission requirements of the minor you wish to apply for.
  2. Please also check the website of the relevant faculty in order to see if there are any additional faculty regulations. Some faculties may have an application deadline.
  3. Go to and select Registration for secondary subjects. Select the correct academic year.
  4. Insert your personal details. After this you will receive your login details for VUnet via e-mail.
  5. Log in on VUnet and select the application Complete application. If you can't find this application on your VUnet homepage, please try a different browser: Internet Explorer works better than Chrome. Still not possible to find it? Then you can make use of the direct link to the application module.
  6. Fill out all requested information for the application, select the minor of your choice and upload all requested documents.
  7. Your request will be sent to the faculty after completing all steps.
  8. The faculty grants permission to be enrolled as a secondary course or minor student. Please check the status of the application in the application module.
  9. Hand in a valid Bewijs Betaald Collegegeld (BBC) at the Student Desk (please write down your student number on the document). You can request a BBC at the student administration of your institution. You can apply for this document at your institution after you have given direct debit authorisation for the tuition fee or after having paid the full tuition fee.
  10. Check whether you receive a confirmation through email. There can be more students interested than places available. Please note that your enrolment request will only be processed after all the documents are received and after approval is given by the faculty.
  11. When you are officially enrolled, you can use the registration module in VUnet to register for approved subjects. Please take into consideration the registration deadlines and other information which can be found on VUnet: Registration. Information about when you're too late to register can be found on Registration after the deadline.

Contact the Student Desk if you have any questions about payment or submission of the BBC, or the educational office of your faculty if you have any questions about the contents of the course (for example about course schedule).

UvA stu­dents at FNWI

If you are an UvA student at the Faculty of Natural Sciences, Mathemathics and Informatics (FNWI) and are taking courses at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (Faculty of Science) within the context of the joint programmes, then you will be automatically enrolled at Vrije Universiteit as a secondary course student after your enrolment at UvA is complete (this also applies to VU students, the other way around). Your enrolment must be completed on 31 August 2020. If this is not the case, then you must arrange being enrolled as a secondary course student yourself (see above).

More information about enrolment and re-enrolment for the joint programmes can be found at the website of the faculty:

Faculty of Science